The TargetMaster gun rental program is designed to give you broad exposure to a variety of firearm types. We’ll even let you exchange one rental gun for another without any additional charges for the new gun. The gun rental fee is per gun out at the same time and does not include ammunition.


Rental firearms must be used with ammo purchased from TargetMaster. Ammunition costs vary per caliber, and only ammunition purchased from TargetMaster may be used in our rental guns. Changing from one caliber of rental gun to another caliber of rental gun will require the purchase of additional ammo. 


We also have Small, Medium, & Large Lockers that can be Rented on a Monthly bases. Pay your monthly locker payment

Gun Rental Options

9 mm

Archon Type B
Beretta: M9A3, PX4 (Full & Mid), APX
Canik: TP9DA
CZ: P10, 75B
FNH: 509, FNX9
Glock: 17, 19X, 19, 26, 48, 43X, 43
H&K: P30, P30sk, VP9, VP9sk
Honor Guard
Rock Island: 1911-A1cs
Ruger: LC9, SR9, SR9c, SR1911
S&W: M&P, M&Pc, Shield, Shield EZ9, M&P9 Shield Plus
Sig Sauer: P226, P229, P320, P365,P365XL, P938, SP2022
Sphinx: SDP Compact
Springfield: XD9, XD9c, XDs, XDe, Hellcat
Walther: PPQ, PPQsc, PPS

10 mm
Colt: Delta Elite
Glock: 20
12 ga
Mossberg: 590
20 ga
Ithica: Home Defense 37
22 LR
  • Browning Buckmark
  • Glock 44 
  • Ruger MKIV-Target
  • Ruger MKIV-22/45 Lite
  • Ruger 10/22
  • Ruger 10/22 Youth
  • Smith & Wesson 43C
40 S&W
Berretta: PX4, PX4sc
Glock: 22, 23, 27
H&K: VP40, P30, USP, USPc
Ruger: SR40c
S&W: M&P, M&Pc, Shield
Sig Sauer: P226, P229
Springfield: XD40, XD40c, XDs
Walther: PPQ
44 mag
Ruger Redhawk
45 ACP

Dan Wesson A2
Beretta: PX4
Colt: Govt 1911
Glock: 21, 30, 36
H&K: HK45, HK45c
Ruger: 1911, SR 45
S&W: 1911, M&P45, Shield
Sig: 1911, P220, P320c
Springfield: XDM45c, XD45c, XDs, 1911
STI: Escort
Walther: PPQ

45 lc/410 ga
S&W: Governor
410ga Only
5.7 x 28
7.62 x 39

Arsenal SAM7R

223/5.56 NATO
Sig Sauer MCX
357 Sig
Glock: 31, 32
300 AAC/Blackout
N/A currently
308 Win/7.62 NATO
Ruger Scout Bolt Action
Springfield M1A Socom16
38 spl/357 mag
Bond Arms extra barrels for45 LC/410 ga
Ruger: GP100, LCR, SP101
S&W: 637-2, 638-3, 642-2, Bodyguard
S&W 686 2.5″ & 4″ barrels
380 ACP
Glock: 42
Ruger: LC380, LCP2
Rock Island: “Baby Rock”
​Sig: P238
S&W: M&P380EZ, Bodyguard380
Walther: PK380