1-on-1 Instruction


Have you ever taken gun lessons where it moved too slowly? Or maybe too quickly? Maybe you wanted to pursue a specific line of questions or techniques that wasn’t covered. Maybe someone else monopolized the instructor’s attention?

TargetMaster is your solution. We offer 1-on-1 instruction with an expert gun instructor. It’s just you and the instructor. You learn exactly what you came to learn, we custom tailor the instruction to fit your needs. Looking for the basics? We’ve got you covered. Want some advanced training? We’ll get you on target. You will actually get what you paid for.

We have both male and female well qualified gun instructors. You can interview and pick who you’re most comfortable learning from. We will help you with what you want to learn.

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Call us today to set up your 1-on-1 class. (no walk-ins)