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Gun Rental

The TargetMaster gun rental program is designed to give you broad exposure to a variety of firearm types. We'll even let you exchange one rental gun for another without any additional charges for the new gun. The gun rental fee is per gun out at the same time and does not include ammunition.


Rental firearms must be used with ammo purchased from TargetMaster. Ammunition costs vary per caliber, and only ammunition purchased from TargetMaster may be used in our rental guns. Changing from one caliber of rental gun to another caliber of rental gun will require the purchase of additional ammo. 

We also have Small, Medium, & Large Lockers that can be Rented on a Monthly bases.  Pay your monthly payment by clicking here!

Gun Rental Fees

  • Non-Member$15.00
  • (Members save 33%)

Gun availability may vary due to cleaning and maintenance of the Rental Guns.

Due to ammo shortages some rental guns may not be available.

38 spl/357 mag

357 Sig

7.62 x 39

44 mag