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Range Rules



  • Never Bring firearms that are malfunctioning out of the gun range
  • Never Use your own ammo in our rental guns
  • Never Rapid Fire in an uncontrolled manner         
  • Never Shoot from the hip or “bump fire” a weapon
  • Never Shoot any target except the one on your lane
  • Never Go down range
  • Never Use any projectiles with steel or bimetal 
  • Never Use slugs or steel shot in shotguns 
  • Never Use black powder weapons 
  • Never Use tracers
  • Never Smoke on the range
  • Never Bring alcohol on the property or consume it before coming here
  • Never Throw trash in front of the firing line – trash cans are behind you
  • Never Shoot Class III weapons on burst or auto fire


  • Always Use ONLY the lane assigned to you
  • Always Keep firearms cased or holstered anywhere but the firing line--this includes inside the store
  • Always Use ONLY our ammunition in our Rental Guns
  • Always Keep the muzzle pointed down range - ALWAYS
  • Always Load only at the firing line on the table in front of you
  • ALWAYS Keep ALL firearms forward of the Red Line
  • Always Use your sights, both front and rear
  • Always Wear Hearing protection while on the Range
  • Always Use paper or cardboard targets ONLY
  • Always Sweep your brass forward and throw trash away
  • Always Be ready to have your firearms and/or ammo inspected
  • Always Children/Minors must be accompanied by their Parent or Legal Guardian (at least 21 years old) >>Download Minor Liability Release<<