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Beyond License To Carry Class

Congratulations on your LTC... But what's the next step?

The LTC class teaches you the laws concerning lethal force but do you know how to actually use that level of force if called for in the real world?  

Join us for 'Beyond the LTC' class where you will learn how to 'present' your handgun from a holster.  We start in the classroom where you will learn and practice the handgun draw techniques and then move to the range to use these same techniques in actual live fire practice. 

This class is for students who want to move beyond the LTC class but are not necessarily ready yet to participate in more advanced training.

Price is $90.00 per person, the class runs approximately 2 hours and limited to a maximum of 6 students per class.  You will need to bring a handgun, belt, holster and factory ammunition, but these items can rented and/or purchased the day of the class (with prior notice).

Contact Mitch or Linda at for the next class date and time!

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Contact Mitch or Linda at for the next available date and time!

Personal Safety

Learn to present from the holster safely. 

Contact Information

Location: 1717 S Jupiter Road, Garland, Texas


As a Reminder: There will be No Alcohol allowed on the Property