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TM Hawks Rest Defensive Training School

For several years we have been searching for the right piece of property on which to run a top-notch defensive handgun training school. We have finally found it. The property is laid out perfectly for what our customers need along with certified gun instructors, and it is just 2 hours east of our main store.


What Makes TargetMaster Hawks Rest The Best:

  • Excellent Training (Similar to the Best Out There)
  • Quality Meals Provided (No Brown Bagging it)
  • Ammo Provided (You Don’t have to ship or bring it with you)
  • If you are in a Force on Force Class: Weapons and Non-Lethal Ammo will be Provided
  • All Ammo will be Provided for all Classes

$1860 - Hawks Rest 3 Day Training School

Application for 3 Day Training

$1250 - Hawks Rest 2 Day Training School

Application for 2 Day Training

What's Included?

  • TrainingIncluded
  • LodgingIncluded (3 Day Only)
  • MealsIncluded
  • AmmunitionIncluded
  • Force on Force AmmoIncluded
  • Force on Force WeaponsIncluded

Please note all ammunition is provided. No outside ammunition is allowed on the property.

Mission Statement

To raise the bar and expectations as to what people should expect from a personal defense training school, to be a “Go-To” destination where people can prepare both physically and mentally to help themselves, their families, and their community in the event of a disaster, be it natural or man-made.

Location: Winnsboro, Texas
Phone: 214-343-4545

Equipment to Bring to Class With You


  • Large or medium framed handgun .380 ACP or larger caliber (call us if you are not sure if your handgun will be suitable for this class).
  • Strong side draw belt holster.
  • Magazine holder that can hold 2 loaded magazines (2 single holders are acceptable).
  • A minimum of 3 magazines for your handgun.
  • Sturdy belt that is able to support your holstered handgun and magazine holder(s).
  • Hat (with a brim) or baseball style cap.
  • Appropriate shirt (t-shirt is acceptable), loose fitting is okay but not with low neck line.
  • Comfortable pants (no shorts)
  • Appropriate footwear (no open toe style shoes like sandals).
  • Light jacket/over shirt/tactical vest that will enable you to conceal your handgun for a strong side draw from cover.
  • Handgun cleaning kit.
  • Sunscreen (very important).
  • ChapStick.
  • Insect repellent (this is optional but it may be useful).
  • Some item of clothing that will protect the back of your neck from sunburn (a shemagh or Duracool wrap are good possible choices).
  • Pen/Pencil and paper for taking notes.
  • All ammunition required for this class will be provided by TargetMaster Hawks Rest.

Gun Rules & Restrictions

  1. The handgun must be fully operable with any factory installed safeties fully functional.
  2. NO trigger pull less than 4 lbs (if you have a pistol with a lighter pull please call us first).
  3. Pocket/Micro/Mouse handguns are NOT used in the Level 2 Class because of their very small size and inherent difficulty to shoot. These types of handguns are utilized in another class level.
  4. The holster must fit the handgun, must be an on-the-belt style which will not allow the handgun to cover any part of the operators body (so no cross-draw, thigh rigs, IPSC style, fast draw style, etc...), must cover the trigger guard completely, must be able to stay open when the handgun is drawn (to enable re-holstering), and not have any trigger guard retention device such as the Blackhawk Serpa or other similar types have.
  5. Please call us on (214) 343-4545 if you have any questions about the required equipment.

Sample Agenda


  • 4pm-6pm Check-In & Weapons Inspection
  • 6pm Safety Briefing
  • 7pm Dinner


  • 9am Morning Class
  • 12pm Lunnch
  • 1pm Afternoon Class
  • 5pm End of Day Debriefing
  • 6pm Dinner


  • 9am Morning Class
  • 12pm Lunnch
  • 1pm Afternoon Class
  • 5pm End of Day Debriefing
  • 6pm Dinner


  • 9am Morning Class
  • 12pm Lunnch
  • 1pm Afternoon Class
  • 5pm End of Day Debriefing
  • 6pm Dinner & Certificates

As a Reminder: There will be No Alcohol allowed on the Property

Handguns That Are NOT Allowed

  • Handgun with a trigger pull of less than 4 lbs of pressure
  • Single action revolvers
  • No Kel-Tec weapons
  • Smith & Wesson Sigmas or Taurus Millenniums
  • No Ravens, Jennings, Lorcin, Bersa
  • Small Pocket Sized Pistols such as:
    • Especially in .22, .25, .32, or .380 calibers
  • Some examples of “Pocket Pistols”:
    • Kel-Tec P11, PF9 or P40
    • Kahr Micro (.380 or 9mm)
    • Ruger LC9
    • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard or Shield
    • Sig Sauer P238
    • Taurus Millennium or Slim 709
    • Walther PPS
    • Similar types of pistols
    • Derringers or Bond Arms Pistols
    • “J” or “I” Frame Revolvers

Handguns That Are Allowed

  • Handgun with a trigger pull of more than 4 lbs of pressure
  • Glock
  • Springfield Armory XD, XDM (Full sized or Midsized)
  • Good Quality 1911 (Springfield, Colt, STI, etc...)
    • Government or Commander Frames
  • Smith & Wesson M&P (Full sized or Midsized)
  • Sig Sauer
  • H&K
  • Large Frame Revolvers (K frame, L frame, or N frame)
    • No Airweights or Light Weight revolvers